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Looking For That Perfect Slot Red

A few highlights from my last trip in search of a perfect slot redfish.
Re: Looking For That Perfect Slot Red
That was an awesome-looking red and love fishing those kinda grassbeds.Hoping that in a few days,possibly couple of weeks,the pristine shorelines of NShore will be holding plenty reds like dat brute!!Love sight-casting for em,right now the algae a tad much in Lady P but she will recover soon and hard to beat fishing the grassbeds wherever ya might be fishing!!With good pair of polarized sunglasses,lotta fun tossing spinnerbait or topwater lure to em,tough to get topwater through thick grass but Bomber spinnerbaits and the Jann's Netcraft spinnerbaits I recently made not only catch reds but zoom through grassbeds like a lawn mower!!