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Reports Mike Lane has passed away

Reports on RodNReel that Mike Lane has passed away at 70 years young
Sorry to hear about his passing-his was the first site I posted on and via Rod N Reel.Com,met soft plastic expert like NO OTHER,John Howard,Sr(went by Ole Speck)and Ole Speck and I fished a few tourneys together(beat me by .02 on a flounder in Jesuit Alumni Rodeo probably few years prior to Katrina).May he rest in peace!

Mandevillian-on Rod n Reel went by Tony Cyprus,Jr,no need for alias!
I've had the opportunity to meet Mike a number of times going back some 30 years or so. He and Helmut Ermlich may have literally been the first in America to develop a website for fishing! He was a true pioneer and a very colorful character. May he rest in peace.
Tony,Ya might remember running into me when yall were using Live Scope on T-Funky(cheater-babies)and coincidence is I heard dat orange marker buoy getting tossed out(not too much evades me!!).I never met Mike but do recall dat my dear mom showed me the original link to Rod n Reel and that was many,many moons ago.Sorry to hear about his passing.Hope his family is coping as best as they can.Lost my dad about 8 years ago and he was not an avid fisherman but did like to go on few offshore trips and everytime I run into trying times,look to Heaven and ask ole Dad to lend me a hand and he never fails to come through!!!

   JOHN C.
R.I.P. Mike Lane.


I will always remember the dinners you invited me to at your house in Algiers! You always spared a few minutes with me while I was 'working' the area of your home.

Remember you attending a function on the Lakefront by the 'old Coast Station' hosted by Stanley Fink...a lot of good time nd funny stories were exchanged there!

Never-ever a dull moment!

Sincerely....John Castelluccio, Jr.
Back during 2008, Mike Lane\'s cookbook including the \'Chefs of RodnReel\' was featured at the Louisiana Book Festival at Baton Rouge. As a section within that cookbook, Mike included several dog biscuit recipes (pgs. 287-290). Featured inside the Festival\'s demonstration tent, Mike closed the segment with those dog biscuit treats. As he held up some of the treats ask the audience in his best showmanship demeanor: \'...would anyone like to sample some of these?\' As at least one South Louisiana individual immediately raised his hand and stood, a yellow Labrador came running to Mike at the front of the stage. Mike gladly gave both a dog biscuit sample which they both appeared to enjoy! R.I.P. - Mike Lane
.I never met Mike but do recall dat my dear mom showed me the original link to Rod n Reel and that was many,many moons ago.Sorry to hear about his passing.

- Roofing Contractor
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