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Lady P Results 5 29 2020

After the fun chore of totally redoing the interior and replacing liner of huge 18 by 33 oval pool,needed some dat fishing therapy Lady P so often offers and just yesterday,Wifey and I took ride down Lake Rd to scope out expected water conditions and water looked pretty doggone good.Had 10:30 hair cut appointment,checked with a regular fishing buddy(Medicare Client and fellow Abita KC Member)and we decided on 1:00 pm launch at Main St.Found decent conditions at mouth of Lake and moseyed on over to grass beds and started and finished with same lure,fine Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait with dark green/chartreuse 3/8 oz head and dark skirt(reds and bass can't seem to get enough of this lure)!First fish to hit ice was smallish but fat marsh bass and not too long later decent 18 inch red hit de ice and we both missed a few fish.Certain sections of Lady P featured pristine water,some sections had muddy water and I did spot fairly big stingray,never a bad sign.Gonna be off water for a few days,then might just hit same area tossing same lure,why not,it works!!Told my fishing buddy about where I snagged neat spinnerbait kit and gonna make a few more plus Wifey and I did some Academy Slidell shopping yesterday and I found great Plano spinner/buzz bait box that holds 26 lures.Real soon should be receiving Angling AI fine 4.0 inch swimbait mold and everyone that I have communicated with that has made some custom open-pour swimbaits with this particular mold has nothing but RAVE reviews.Need to get inexpensive micro wave oven,electric griddle and vacuum chamber and should be producing some neat custom swimbaits,can't wait!!What would be ultra-cool would be to take Jann's Netcraft jighead spinner bait kit and attach custom open-pour 4.0 or 3.5 inch swimbait and sees what dat encites.Already know how doggone effective the spinnerbait is,just wanna experiment and do some requisite tinkering!Who knows,might be onto extremely effective combo dat CAN NOT be purchased locally or even on Internet!!