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Planning another Chandeleur 2020 November trip


Me was fishing with Big T-Doc this past weekend, he expressed an interest of making another, (last trip Oct 2018) trip to Chandeleur looking at early November, do we have any other fisherpersons interested on making a trip?

I’m sure prices have went up, once we know we have a few interested I will call and get up dated prices, and confirm what dates may be available, last time it was, (2 day trip, last time it was a weekend) $915.00 a person which includes tip, of course we had such an excellent time, all did additional tip for the best crew on the water.

We had (11) fisherpersons, (12 Max for vessel) that made our trip, some of whom we met for the first time, and those who responded to post on fishing site regarding making a trip.

Please click on below for additional information, if interested, please advise and we will get your name on the list.

Good Fishing Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack