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No Red(emption)for Me 6 11 2020

Me and Medicare Client(Abita KC Member) had decent window of opportunity and took advantage(at least he did)!Launched fairly early at Main St,made our way to mouth of Bayou Lacombe and headed to grass beds,first spot was a dud due to NNW winds(supposed to be NE or NNE)and we quickly changed locations,he tossed gold spoon and I tossed same Jann's Netcraft spinnerbait that HAD been working so well(attracted lotta attention from alligator gars!!).My fishing partner nabbed fine 16 inch pumpkin and released another just about 1/2 inch shy of de mark and we fished plenty of grass beds,spotted a few huge stingrays and only saw one HUGE red headed N while we were near Goose Pt,fishing S,of course, and I did place spinnerbait close enough for huge red but guess he wanted NO part of it!!Found plenty of stretches of pristine water,plenty stretches of stained water,and pretty much all in between.At least we found water that was moving and salinity,according to taste-test,was pretty good.Probably off de water for a few days,might head back early next week and spotting stingrays never a bad thing!!Hope to redeem self soon!!