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FDW on Grand Isle - Weekend Summary

A sincere happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there or those father-like mentors. I have a few Uncles who were just as much an influence and guiding force that deserve some “Father’s Day” love. In any case, I just wanted to summarize our Grand Isle weekend. Although not epic (in terms of fish caught), it was really really great to be with my son and my cousin (coo-zahn) trying together to get some fish in the ice chest.

Day #1 - Elmers Island Surf (afternoon)
We started our weekend by stopping on Elmers Island and heading “right”. We had some buddies who reported some good fishing inside the sandbar. My understanding is that the specs stack up between the sandbar and the beach this time of year and finding a location in the beach where there was a bar just off this beach wasn’t too easy. We WALKED....a good while until we found it. We worked a twitch bait best we could and landed only a few. With the sun setting and the beach closing we had to wrap it up and head back. Because the tide was low, we decided to come back in the morning even though our feet told us otherwise from the long trek.

Day #2 - Elmers Island Surf (morning)
With high hopes we hit the beach after sunrise. However, after the long trek, we didn’t get to our spot until around 6:30 am. We started throwing our twitch bait and landed a few but we’re pretty disappointed that we couldn’t really find them. So....after a few hours we decide to start walking back. We managed to find another spot in the way back that produced maybe 10 keepers. We were excited about that but damn we walked a long ways...

Day #2 - Grand Isle Kayak Launch (early afternoon)
After a well deserved nap, we decided to try our luck on the bayside of the island with launching out of the kayak launch. The time was 5pm and the tide was LOW and not much movement in the water. We paddled through the marsh hoping to land some redfish and then hit the rocks on the way back looking for specs. However, we got ZERO hits. After the taxing morning and the lack of afteroon buries we decided to hang it up. So we headed to Jo-Bobs for a well deserved burger and beverage. Over the burger, I decided I was going to try to get in the surf ONE MORE TIME just across from the motel and see if I could get into ANYTHING as the dusk set in. NOTHING...

Day #3 - old hwy 1 North of Fourchon
With the weekend quickly closing down on us, we got up early and headed to old highway 1 just north of the old fourchon/grand isle intersection. We launched off the side of the road where there was moving water and started paddling. We had spoons (for reds) and voodu under cork for specs. Although there was a lot of movement and bait moving we had zero hits from the spoon. We did find a few spots that produced a few specs but most were very small. Around 9:30...we were ready to throw the towel in from the weekend effort.

In the end we came home with only 16 specs but certainly had a good time. The GI Kayak launch was a disappointment (for the second time unfortunately) and I’m not sure I will walk such a LONG distance again on Elmers. We learned some things and definitely told some stories so all in all...a success.

There you have it! Happy fathers Day to y’all!
picknhand,Like a grizzled veteran speck fisherman would say,'Ya gotta go to know' and NOW ya know!!Sounds like ya brought some fish home,always a plus and hope ya had a very Happy Father's Day.I took my sons and grandson to Bayou Liberty yesterday,soaking a few crab nets and tossing lures(de only way we fly)at reds and older son nabbed fine and FAT red 23.5 inches and awesome on grill,along with a few of his buddies and we had 50 crabs yesterday!!GB3 and I gonna tag-team what we hope to be decent reds in grassbeds,always a rush when ya can sight-cast to em!!Have surf fished but gave dat up many,many years ago,especially after a Grand Isle trip at least 8-10 years ago when I lost estimated 3.5 lb brute of a speck to big toothy shark,probably bull shark(was fishing outta my flat at the time).Grand Isle always keeps a-calling me back and we might make the long trek down there before too long,hard to beat nabbing fine crabs and ole Lady P getting righteous,evident by the two HUGE schools of Jacks I spotted at Trestles this past Friday.She gonna start giving up some fine catches of reds and be more than willing to bet dat big specks gonna start gracing fish boxes bout the time Teal Season arrives!!!Hope dey show up sooner but reds are always fun to target!!!I had awesome Father's Day with my two boys and grandson and hope springs eternal,especially since I live so dang close to edge of Lady P.