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Two Slow days

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Trenton strange and crew were back with me. Winds were up, so we stayed protected and picked at a few fish. Lots of small fish with minimal keepers. With nothing happening we decided to hit the rough water and take a gamble on getting on some big trout. We found ripping hard currents that were Un fishable but the water was beautiful. We tried 3-4 locations, then headed back to where we started. We picked off a few more then headed in. Tough day with not much to show. Thanks guys for sticking it out, we definitely put in the effort but the fish won.

Another tough day with Danny Cavell’s crew. High winds again had us staying protected first thing in the morning. We moved out in rougher water hoping to get lucky, but only found a handful of fish. We fished five more locations long and hard with zero to show for our efforts. Came back to protected waters to find nothing but 10-11 inch trout. Another tough one. We worked hard for little results.