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IDJC Spec Hunt...come out come out wherever you are...


- Fishing How | Kayak

- Location | Isle de Jean Charles (6:30-11)

- Tide | minimal

- Wind | Not bad...can?t remember exactly

-Bait | Primarily soft plastic with a little voodo shrimp under cork mixed in. Threw a black spoon at the very end.

- Results | 3 keeper reds (including my first kayak slot red), ~ 5 throw back specs, 1 keeper spec, a few puppy drum, and only ONE hardhead.


After a bit of a hiatus, my cousin and I made our way down to PAC to fish out of the Isle de Jean Charles Marina off of Island Road. This was an area we got some familiarity with last summer and with the word that specs were moving in early, we felt good about our chances to get into some action. Although the tide was forecasted to be minimal, we thought we had a decent chance in catching the falling tide first thing in the morning with us focusing on little bayous/cuts emptying out into larger ponds or lakes, etc. The challenge with the kayak (amongst other challenges) is range and we didn?t get to scout the area via google maps as much as I would have liked. In any case we devised a plan and headed south out of the marina to the ?four corners? (is what I call it anyway). From there we started fishing with little bait activity for the first hour or so of fishing. That changed some for the next few hours where I got into a mix of lots of bait moving, shrimp jumping, and fish clearly on the hunt. Most of my hits were just bumps and I could seem to connect although there was clearly fish in area. I landed a few small specs and a few puppy drum and concluded that I should move on. I managed to pick up a few reds along my continued southern track until it was time to start heading back. Wrapped up with hitting one honey hole I?ve had red success at on my way in and landed a nice 17? red. Overall it was a good day and great to be on the water again. Disappointed we didn?t find any specs but I will continue the hunt (and the learning). Hope everyone had a fun and safe long weekend.
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