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Lifetime hunting/fishing license

I’ve thought about getting my son a lifetime hunting/fishing license before he turns 4. Well my husband doesn’t think it’d be worth it, because even though it covers license he doesn’t think you get tags. So what I’m asking is if you get the lifetime license, do you still have to pay for deer tags, etc? It’s stupid question, but I’m curious.
It included everything except the federal duck stamp. This was the best purchase I made for my two sons when they were under 4 years old. They will give you a certificate and when they are old enough to take the hunters education you will get the real card. After that just bring your card to Academy etc.. and they will give you your tags.Best deal ever if they are going to hunt and fish in LA.
Louisiana sportsman hunting fishing package license combo = $100 per year

Life time before the age of 4 = $200

if you child decides to hunt and fish in Louisiana for more than 2 years of his entire life id say it is worth it.......

im only 26 parents bought mine for $500 at age 16. 10 years of hunting and fishing should have cost me double what the lifetime cost i save 100 bucks every year. best gift you could give him
Yes do get it if you can it is the best investment he will ever have. :)
The best investment ever.
birth-4 years old it's $200
5-13 years old it's $300
14 years and older it's $500
There is NO additional charge for deer or turkey tags. License is well worth the price. Bought one for myself as well as for my son and Godson.