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Teal 2020

With teal season now wrapped up, I took the 2 minutes it required to crunch and re-crunch my numbers for the details below:

26 BW teal taken on 6 hunts

Though we started with a nice hunt on opening day taking 9 birds, the rising tides made sure we were unlikely to have any more success in SE La coastal (tidal) marshes. Our water levels stayed high thanks to not one but TWO tropical systems influencing our area in the two week season. On arrival back to the camp dock from the last hunt down there Friday Sept 25, we could have driven the boat up on to the dock......this after it had been falling for days already.

With such deep waters in the outer marshes, the birds had nowhere to feed and thus kept us from holding anything in our usual places. Wrapped up the season on a high note, though, in the White Lake marshes on a LDWF lottery hunt. Really quick 2-man limit and we packed it up and went back to the camp there. Great weather, lots of birds, great people running it.

We'll look forward to November 14!
Great pics! Looks like you guys had an awesome season ending lotto hunt! Thanks for sharing story and season update.
I can wrap my creel report up real quick:

DNF on opener
4 BW second Saturday; Drove to launch and turned around second Sunday (water over road)
1 BW third Saturday
Delta Duckman hit de proverbial nail on de head very squarely mentioning de proverbial 'X' as Darren hunted not too far from us on Opening Day and ole Nuck was wrapped up with his 6 in record time(his teal honey hole not that far from mine)and it took me til about 8:00 to wrap up and his second day was also a fairly quick limit while I had very few teal to target(shoulda been my tell-tale signal to adjust).Oh well,live and learn and Wifey and I headed to our favorite stretch of de White River near Cotter,Arkansas,and we can't wait for our Ozarks annual vacation just ahead of what is shaping up to be awesome Medicare Open Enrollment 2020/2021!Hope Regular Duck Season turns out anywhere near our Teal Season.Got de ole SouthFork running incredibly well,motor looks and runs better than when I purchased her and my next task is to camo-stencil my newest Chapman pirogue.Lucky me,my mom showed me fine palmetto tree growing in the backyard of her Kenner home,incredible camo material so essential for the style of hunting de Nuck and Futz Duo employs!

Good hunts! Thanks for sharing