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I haven't fished in Venice in several years. I have always fished down there with a guide. I recently purchased my first boat and headed out next week. I cant say that I remember anywhere to go. Any helpful information will be appreciated and put to good use. TIA
check with a marina down their and see if the river is green yet at the jump ( Venice at the river) A few years back in late November we waxed the big mules along the rocks on the west side of the river from the jump to a few miles down using a trolling motor and Matrix shrimp creole and other swim baits. Troll 50-80 feet from the rocks. Throw it up against the rocks and let it almost hit the bottom. 6 of us ( in two boats) caught 150 mule trout (3-4 pounds) three days in a row. The fish bit all day long, and it was one after the other - best ever for me.

Also try the first spillway on the right about 3 miles from the jump.

Depending on the size of your rig, Breton Island should still be holding trout- fish the inside area against the old oil rig- you can see it on Google Earth- it is the circle looking area on the north east side - but on the inside.

bust dem up!
Dat's de beauty of this site-folks cooperating and giving tips on where to fish!!!Gonna chase some tree rats tomorrow,got 2-3 pm Zoom conference to participate in and taking a cousin of mine to try our luck in Lady P,this should be her time to shine and fishing her next Wed and Th.Good luck!!

Surfking appreciate the tips. Thanks again!

Mandevillan - Right on!