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Bason’s Marina; windy/rainy

- Fishing How | Kayak
- Location | Larose, LA, Bason’s Marina (7:00-9:00)
- Tide | minimal
- Wind | 10-15 mph and rainy...
- Bait | Vodoo under cork (16” deep)
- Results | 7 keeper specs, ~ 6 throw back specs

I pulled this trip together somewhat last minute and learned a good lesson; best to be prepared and have a good plan AHEAD of time. Although I was very happy with finally getting into some speckled trout, things could have gotten pretty ugly given the wind/rain that I was not prepared for in a closed (sit in) kayak without a rain coat. Plan was to launch out of Bason’s Marina and paddle out to a point I heard was producing some specs. When I woke up, I realized that a few thunderstorm bands were developing and was predicted to coincide with my launch time but was also predicted to pass quickly. Unfortunately, the prediction didn’t quite hold up and it rained throughout much of my paddle. I almost didn’t go out but at my arrival to the launch I wasn’t about to turn around and go back home. What I didn’t pay enough attention to was the wasn’t blowing terribly (for a kayaker) initially but as I got to my furthest point out, it really came up. At that point I started to get into some fish and my better judgement didn’t take over. The wind kept building, the rain was coming down, I had no rain coat, and I finally decided to head in and/or to find shelter on any barrier I could to protect me from the East wind. With the rain, I was struggling to see a “protected” path back to the launch on my phone and was starting to get a little nervous as the chop was producing a few waves starting to break over my gunwale. In the end, I managed to weave my way back safely and was very happy to get back to the launch without any real drama. HOWEVER, it was a good lesson for me that last minute plans should be evaluated carefully. Hope y’all had a good and safe weekend on the water.
Hard to beat dat doggone VuDu under popping cork,took one of my cousins last week,fishing Lake P and a nice protected cove,only fish came from protected cove but we spooked plenty of fine sheepshead in what is left of formerly lush grassbeds!!!Sounds like ya got into some 'nautical' weather,glad to hear ya made it back safe and sound!!!Taking same cousin this coming Th and will check out predicted tides and winds,already know that the tidal forecast aint that great hope wind forecast holds up!!

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