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Veterans Day : Thank You For Your Service

Today is Veterans Day wanna thank all our Veterans who hunt and fish in our great state for their Service too our Great Nation .
Today is a special day not only for Veterans but also for every hardworking American. I am a Veteran and I want to thank you for bringing me home, furnishing my meals, buying my uniform, supplying my ammunition, and training me. I only hope that I was worthy of the tax dollars you paid while working. You are my hero Working American.
Sergeant United States Marine
Task Force Delta
Nam Phong
Swamp Lizard : I concur with your post thank you for your service , I’m a Vet as well . 🧙‍♂️🎣
Worthy? You and all that came before and after are the only reason we Americans are able to enjoy all that your sacrifices have provided. Thank you all for keeping us free.
Wiz,Definitely wanna thank you and all our Veterans out there.My dad was a proud Korean War Navy man,Father-in-Law Korean War Army man and gotta lotta clients that are Vietnam-era veterans and appreciate all the sacrifices our Veterans have put in.See lotta proud Veterans wearing various ball caps indicating which branch of the service they served in and always thank em!!!


P.S. Went to my local deer club,downloaded SD card videos and got fine 8 pt with pretty doe hanging by his side,what a stud of a deer!!
I agree with you all. We owe the peace we had today to the veterans.
Thank You
   Lily C
I want to thank all the veterans who have served our country. There are many veteran owned small businesses that we should all look to support!