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Big MS Hog

While hoping to take a nice fat doe with my 45-90 in Amite County, MS yesterday, I was fortunate to have a 70lb boar come out of the woods approximately 75 yards from my ladder stand. As I raised my Browning B-78, the boar turned away, heading downhill. The old Texas heart shot was in order and I sent the 405gr Remington jacketed soft point through his derriere and out his chest. He dropped like a sack of potatoes but it was only 4:27pm so I continued to hunt.

Within about 20 min, a very large Russian boar came out, walking right past the dead, much-smaller hog.. The 400lb (according to the five men it took to lift him onto a four-wheeler) Russian boar took my second 405gr slug through the shoulders. It had four inch tusks! Fortunately, the big lifting help wanted both boars and no meat was wasted. What a great hunt!!!
CCAguns,Dat de way to thin out de hog herd!!!Thanks for all ya help on our local club,been extremely busy with both lots of Medicare Enrollments plus getting lotta repair work done on my mom's Kenner rental.Gonna try to get out to our local club this Wed,have slight window of opportunity,and seems like Frank needs a helping hand,might be able to assist him Wed!Congrats on fine hogs and sounds like with the able assistance of dem folks up at your ranch,the hogs will be cleaned up pronto!!!We need to do whatever it takes to chase some Lake P specks!!