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De Nuck and Futz Duo Coastal Zone Initial Hunt 11 19 20

Lucky Nuck,NOW fully-retired from Gumment Job twisted my lil finger and convinced me to give a Public Option on NShore a shot yesterday(had quite a busy week and break in schedule most welcome).Had hard time trying to convince de ole body it needed sleep and ended up waking up bout 2:30 and got to launch with NOT a soul in sight(never sure if dis a good/bad omen)and shot ole Nuck a text joking about how we got de nicknames,guess dem names fit!!We made our run to our spot in marsh to leave de ole SouthFork,each went their separate way and he got back advising that his pond already had three hunters camped out,made my way to my pond found not a creature stirring,maybe bunch of coots and poor Nuck had one dem dreaded DNF hunts and the only things separating me from total scratch was two coots(got dear Medicare Client in Metairie asking for coots)!!Heard decent amount of shooting,most likely coot-shooters as neither of us saw much flying but I did finally see decent band of teal,possibly nice high-flying flock of greys and very few mottled ducks,hard to fathom yet another season of MT skies,worst initials a duck hunter would wanna utter!!!Hope springs eternal and de Nuck and Futz Duo hopes E Zone Opener goes better than yesterday's bummer of Coastal Zone hunt.Did lend a hand to Little Creek Deer Club President-had 4-ft bush hog mired in muck and thanks to strong Ford 4000 and 12,000 lb winch,we succeeded in extracting bush hog!!!Mission accomplished!!!