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November 21 - 22 Duck Report

Date Hunted 11/21/20:

Clear skies with a little breeze and water slightly above normal similar to last weekend. We did see a few more ducks in the sky at our duck lease area but it didn’t make a difference as our numbers fell off from last Saturday. My blind shot 2 dosgris, 2 buffleheads and one spooney, 5 duck total. The other blind shot 2 greys 3 teal, 2 dosgris and 4 buffleheads for 11 duck total. Oddly enough buffleheads showed up over the week when there was none last week. We shot some redheads last weekend and they are gone. I did not see a grey duck Saturday. The duck game is in constant change mode these days.

Date Hunted 11/22/20:

We got permission to hunt some property where we shot the teal during teal season and was hoping for better results. Similar conditions to Saturday. I was surprised how things have changed there too. Not many ducks in the sky as we had seen during teal season. We had a little more action than Saturday shooting 1 mallard drake (first for the year for the camp) 6 teal, 5 pouldeau, 2 gallinules.

The pattern established over the last five years or so is starting to take hold. With warm temperatures and the beginning of the duck season it seems the ducks we had are checking out going back north or somewhere else in the state. Years ago we used to shoot most of our ducks in the first split and with a 5 duck total for my blind Saturday things are not looking real promising. As stated earlier the duck game is in constant change and I hope conditions change for the better.
   Kgt 1067
I hunt in north ms mostly public oxbow lakes and mostly the ms river . The water level is very low which means our opening weekend coming up most likely will be very few ducks seen . Done some scouting recently we are always swamped with wood ducks and gadwall I did see a few mallards . If you can look back a few years ago Louisiana had a lot of ducks that year that’s because when our level of water Is down going by the ms river stage at natchez ms if it’s below 36 ft we are very limited to getting back off in some good pot holes . That year a lot of ducks passed us up coming south due to the water . Now when we are above 40 ft and right at flood level which is 48ft we do really good hold a lot of ducks more places for them to migrate and feed .when the water is low our lakes are nothing but mud banks. Just my two cents but keep your eyes out and watch our water level if it stays low and we get some really cold weather get ready I think you guys will see a good pick up in numbers . I posted a few years ago about this and our duck season was horrible that year and you guys were doing really good . Like i said just my two cents but hopefully the water will come up a little for us and hope you guys have a good year. Keep the pics coming I love reading and seeing some good hunts posted ..... good luck!!! To all
KGT - I agree with what you posted that water up and down the flyway is one of the biggest contributors to us having a good duck season or bad duck season.

Good luck this year.
De Nuck and Futz Duo relies upon decent water levels in certain areas so access is afforded and the feed situation EVERYWHERE we choose to hunt is more than incredible,pressure from Opening Day no doubt ran off the serious flocks of teal we saw this past Sat and coot-shooting had a similar impact.I rarely shoot coots but do have a few folks asking for them,easy to pop de breasts out and for those folks wanting gizzards,can't beat the size of dem coot gizzards.Still hopeful that this season gonna be much better than past 3-6 seasons where we lucky to get chances at few big ducks,know Venice de place to be right now BUT have heard the pressure there MORE than INTENSE!!!Good news for me in that due to numerous factors outta my control,gonna drastically alter my current and long-standing Medicare Consulting Schedule and dat gonna free up PLENTY hunting/fishing time,not a damn thing wrong with that!!!Right now scheming for hunts tomorrow and Th plus week end!!!