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De Nuck and Futz Duo Post Thanksgiving Hunt 11 28 2020

Due to nasty nautical weather predicted for about the time we typically launch,we made de executive decision to delay our launch a tad(in retrospect,wished we had launched about an hour earlier).The high water levels made the treks to our respective ponds real easy and I was unable to deploy RoBo dekes.Wouldn't ya know it,trophy pair of mottled ducks decided they liked the nice spread I was setting out,not a dang thing I could do as they landed just outside the spread I was about done setting up!!Set up my Chapman palmetto blind,heard a shot from Nuck's area(got his text-stud grey was on hand)and heard some splashing,took shot at coot colony and got two with one shot and dat was it for he and I.Did see some signs of life,hope the serious front headed our way shoves down some migraters!!!Saw one nice flock as we entered marsh,not sure where they went and hope they stick around a while!!