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30-06 vs. 300 win mag

Ok both guns weigh the same, both shoot just as accurate, the shooter has no problem shooting either very well. Is there any real world difference between the 30-06 and the 300 win mag out to 450 yards on elk?

Reference Blog Link :300 Win Mag vs 30-06
The .300 Win Mag was designed as a long-range cartridge, and the .30/06 was designed for an infantry rifle. Obviously, things have changed since it\'s inception 114 years ago. Bullet design, cartridge pressures, powder, primers, etc.....not to mention scopes, range finders, bullet drop compensators. Doesn\'t mean the -06 can\'t shoot long range....but, if you have something designed for long range, why not use it? Both are 30 caliber rounds and have a variety of bullet weights. I would say 350-400 yards, the -06 will do everything you want it to do. Beyond that, I would consider the 300 Win Mag. Having said that....a shot beyond 350-400 yards is usually not in the average Joe's repertoire of skill sets.

.......this coming from a guy killing animals with a 1909 30-03 rifle/cartridges.