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Nuck,Futz,AJ Trio Hit De Marsh 12 20 20

De Nuck,Futz,and now AJ,Trio hit a nice spot this am and all we had to show for three separate well-camo'd blinds was fine black-bellied tree duck,compliments of AJ.He and I went N,Nuck went S and unfortunately,seemed like yet another of those hunts where we saw more hunters vs ducks and dat was indeed de case.I had huge flock of tree ducks come by so close possibly coulda hit three with one shot,TROUBLE was I was not the least ready for em and in retrospect,probably great thing dat I refrained from shooting as the flock parted and about 8 soared over AJ's fine pond(love scoping Google Maps for outta de way ponds)and his pond was ultra-fine,said he had ducks sitting on it when he went to set out dekes!!!I was set up about 400 yards due S of him and other than huge floc of tree ducks dat escaped,bout all I saw was huge drake mottled duck and handful of scaup and few nice bands of teal(but only after taking down blind,duck hunting 101)!!!Called it quits early to get home and charge up our batteries for Saints-Chiefs game and not sure where de Nuck and Futz Duo gonna hunt Wed,Th(AJ gotta work those days).Love having older son getting back into duck hunting,think he has 23 years of duck hunt experience and he is as much of a die-hard as his ole man!!!Gonna get him to fire up smoker to cook dat tree duck,might toss scaup on smoker at same time!!!