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December 26 - 27 Duck Report

Date Hunted 12/26/20:

It was 36 degrees Saturday morning as the hard cold front passed through the area Thursday and Friday. The marsh was drained by two days of northwest winds. We were lucky we could get to our duck blinds on the lease. I hunted solo with another boat with two guys went to one of our other blinds. I shot one dosgris that had a band on the leg that was it. The other blind shot one dosgris and two pouledeau.

Date hunted 12/27/20:

Temperature came up to about 45 Sunday with a slight increase in the water level, still low. Two of us went to a friend’s lease and shot two pintail. We had some chances at teal but we missed. We saw more ducks Sunday than Saturday. Two guys went back to their regular blind and shot two canvasbacks and four dosgris.

We can scratch off the list of typical sayings most duck hunters use of “Cold front will bring new ducks”. The cold weather came and there aren’t any new ducks. Despite the lack of action it was exciting having the pintail work right over the decoys into the sunshine and I could see colors as we cut them. Also seeing a few teal Sunday and the banded duck Saturday made it worth the effort. Good days in the marsh with more to come.
Congrats on the banded bird. I’m still waiting on my first duck of the season. Lol.
Delta,Yep we most definitely concur on that fronts did NOT bring in ANY ducks,at least not in the area we hunt!!Congrats on banded duck,think Nuck has well over 40 years of duck hunting experience and he has yet to bag banded bird,I have about 22 years of duck hunting experience and yet to bag banded bird but was on Big Branch hunt where my hunting partner bagged banded greenhead and few years ago was hunting community spot where lotta hunting for woodies typically burns tons of shells and young gun bagged banded wood duck hen!!!At least de Nuck and Futz Duo saw plenty of woodies,needed rifle scopes to bag em!!We scoped out a few potential return visit spots and older son got me interested in yet another spot for woodies!!