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New Year's Eve Nuck and Futz Hunt 12 31 2020

After clean whiffing on solo greenhead yesterday and NOT hitting another greenhead with enough to drop him,wanted to somewhat redeem self plus show Nuck fine series of ponds where mottled ducks and mallards had been consistently working and also had plenty of water to access hard-to-access ponds.ESE winds brought us much-needed elevation of water levels and we paddled in to our respective ponds,situated about 400 yards apart,plenty far enough away and we did have the typical mottled ducks looking like they were gonna work,only to have em veer off about 60-70 yards out,not exactly presenting shooting opportunities.Not sure what happened to the mallards I had chances at yesterday but did see at least 4-6 pairs of mottled ducks and saw nice lil band of blue wing teal(4 in flock)but they were not in range.We made de executive decision to call de hunt at 9:00 and wouldn't ya know it,just as blind was taken down,dekes picked up,heard distinctive 'beep,beep,beep' from drake grey,looked up just after removing ear plugs and spotted fine pair of greys,the only grey ducks I have seen in past few hunts and needless to say,refrained from pouncing on em!!!Hate shooting without hearing protection and this pair of greys dead to rights!!!Just before the greys soared overhead,nice pair of mottled ducks got spooked by nearby boat and we each took shots at em,not a feather cut but truthfully,neither one of us had gimme shots at this fine pair!!Think we sufficiently proved to ourselves dat a change of scenery needed and gonna head to alternate spot this Sat,gonna have older son join me.Did see a few hunters at launch with same results as us,NADA,and wished our fellow diehards Happy New Year!!Guess bout time to toss in de towel as far as 2020/2021 Duck Season concerned and might get on deer stand in between fishing trips,can't possibly be less productive vs extremely non-productive duck hunts!!Hope all fellow LA Sporstmen and Women have Happy and Prosperous New Year-Wifey and I had very productive Medicare Enrollment Season!!!