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Lowrance global map 2400.. I got nautic path and freedom maps from Lei, but neither show much detail for reggio, shellbanks, etc.. where can i get a card with good info and detail.
Lowrance MapCreate

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ BUBBA CCLARK 3 ~

I suggest that you look at the TOPOGRAPHICAL based mapping program available from Lowrance. Don't let some salesman sell you a pre loaded Blue Chart card as it is based on NOAA marine charts and not topo type maps. I strongly suggest that you use the topo mapping software in the Louisiana marshes.

The BEST way is to "roll your own" and buy the Lowrance MapCreate USA TOPO software and the Lowrance card reader writer.

Lowrance puts a limit on the number of memory cards that can be loaded from their mapping programs. The program reads the memory card and "flashes" an authorization code on the card. The GPS unit can only read cards that are so coded. It limits the use of the program to FIVE memory cards. You can use these five cards over and over and over again, but only these five cards.

You will also need the Lowrance reader/writer as it is what flashes the memory code on the cards. Without it the GPS unit cannot read or display the maps.

Lowrance offers a package deal that includes the maps, one card, and the reader writer. It will save you some $$, but DON'T use their card. I think that it is only a 32 or 64MB card and it will count as one of your five cards. I saw some 512 MB and 1GB SD cards advertised at Office Depot and Best Buy this past weekend for a really great price. (about $29 for the 1 GB and $19 for the 512 MB) The unit can take up to 1 GB of mapping software.

The last MapCreate version is 7.0. It is one DVD disk. Version 6.3 is a five CD set.

Both versions cover the entire US in Lowrance topo type maps. Besides enabling you to load your own designed maps in your unit, the program will allow you to send data such as waypoints, routes, and tracks to and from the GPS to your computer.

The program will allow you the ability to SAVE your waypoints as files. This is an invaluable backup tool.

This feature is the basis for the CAPTAIN PAUL'S FISHING EDGE of GPS WAYPOINTS that I have designed.

Keep in touch and let me know how you make out.

Captain Paul

ordered mapcreate topo 7.0 kit..... .