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great season, final duck count

well made it back to camp this weekend to clean up and do some fishing .. got the final tally of ducks and actually did a lil better than we thought !! 39 hunts for a total of 380 ducks !! all ducks killed were from 1 lease and the same 3 blinds . as usual greys were our bread and butter duck !! for what its worth the ducks are stupid thick right now around !! we sat at camp sunday and just watched them pile into marsh all around by the hundreds .. pretty cool thing to see.. you can tell the ducks definately know the season is closed ..

greys 236

pintail 6

widgeon 2

teal 10

dogree 111

hoodies 12

spoonbill 3
dredger,Not a doggone thing wrong with your season,ours was horrendous,coulda been MARGINALLY better with tad better shooting but even missing a few quality ducks(at least three greenheads,two mottled ducks,possible Canada goose)would not have dramatically increased our pitiful take!!!Hope fishing takes away nasty taste of rotten duck season!!