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T-Funky Trip 4 8 21

Been wanting to scout T-Funky and scope out some known spots and was flying solo today and actually had somewhat of an executive decision to make-participate in Medico Web Conference(Dental,Vision,Hearing and Medicare Supplement Carrier)or opt for return trip to T-Funky and Wifey made it easier by reminding me dat Medico ALWAYS conducts numerous Web Conferences and weather very nice,at least today but T-Funky was predictably gonna be muddy,possibly raging mess.Got to 3 Rivers Launch and almost totally forgot dat I had taken out drain plug in anticipation of torrential downpour.Hurriedly got SouthFork to level ground and drained water out,got to first slough and saw two groups of fishers and first group reported having four sac a lait and they advised the depth they were jigging and I quickly set Spoiler Shad(blue and clear)with pink Crappie Psychic trailer at approximate depth and nabbed fine and fat slab,was hoping it would be followed by bunch more but dat was certainly NOT the case.Covered decent amount of water and used trolling motor-mounted depthfinder to do my best to identify sac a lait and the depth to fish them and did nab one more and missed a hand full.Realistically,think had I nabbed every sac a lait that may have grabbed Spoiler Shad,I may have added maybe four more to the box.Chatted with few pleasure boaters and saw a few fishers and think maybe my best bet is to allow T-Funky to settle a bit,though rainy weather predicted will not help!!!Got older son possibly altering work schedule to be free Tues am's and hope and pray that next Tues will be our time to nab a few slabs. Like having depthfinder mounted in portable box up on bow and might tinker with settings to see if by chance I might fine-tune display!!Hope weather stabilizes but seems like rainy,stormy weather headed right for us next few days!!!