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Goat herding in Shell Beach

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Some times I am a Trout Fisherman and some times I am a Goat Herder. Today I was a Goat Herder. Today JC and Dennis joined me on a break in the motor trip. With the warm temps and flat seas and a need to put some running time on the motor, we headed out in to Breton Sound in search of something to give our tackle a test. Armed with fresh shrimp we proceeded to fill the boat with meat. We caught 40 of the biggest Goatheads you would want to see, along with 6 Drum, 12 Channel Mullets, and 5 big Trout. All fish were caught in 15- 20 feet of water with dead shrimp on the bottom. Say what you want about a Goathead, but they are my favorite fish. They put up a good fight, and the meat will put a Trout to shame.

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