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Lock on Stands

I mostly hunt WMAs as of right now and all I use is climbers. Do any of you prefer lock on stands for WMAs?
If so, which brand do you prefer? Which one is a good one to try out. And do you just leave you stand in the tree all season?
On most of our WMA’s they’re are plenty good climbing trees. A climber is much faster and often lighter and safer. Also you can move locations much quicker. You leave loc ons and a good chance they will vanish. I can set up and climb a decent tree in under 10 mins taking my time, with a loc on I’m wore out and sweating, 3 times more work The other issue is the hot spot you found last week is cold because food changed or someone killed deer or there’s people in that spot. With a climber you can simply find another spot. Also the climber doesn’t advertise your spot. I would never put a loc on on one of my public honeyholes as they are too hard to find to give away all that info.