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Nuck and Futz Hit Lake P 8 23 21

Because we found very few reds on last Monday's Lake P trip,de Nuck and Futz Duo decided a change of venue was in order,and we were hoping to spot some dem teal rockets yesterday and all we saw were a few big flocks of black-bellied tree ducks!!Did get to check out some promising redfish areas a tad E of where we had been fishing and we did explore the Carr Drive Main Canal and at least the water there was fairly clean and we found remnants of aquatic grass in some areas.Lake P was fairly disturbed,not at all a surprise,given the fairly strong W winds we encountered and not sure why the shift to NW direction took so doggone long!!Tried tossing along shorelines,I kept Silver Minnow Chartreuse Flash on and Nuck started off with Matrix Shad,think Lemon Head and he switched over to Johnson Sprite,lost probable nice red dat snapped his line,I nabbed a keeper red of about 16.5 inches,caught another about 15.99 in and then nabbed small male speck that inhaled Silver Minnow and Nuck caught small bass on our way back to launch.Lake needs to clear up a tad and maybe get influx of salty water and perhaps by mid-teal season,specks might start hitting fish boxes!!!Hope this report goes through as try #1 bombed out!!!