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Kudos to Josh and Ronnie @ American Hunter in Covington

Gotta give credit where credit is due.Older son got nice fairly inexpensive Centerpoint crossbow,was not able to get it assembled and sighted in,took his crossbow to American Hunter where Josh got her assembled and sighted in and my woes were that the first Sat of bow season had two does chowing on golden nuggets I strategically placed in food plot,texted Wifey and unfortunately shot just a tad low on the bigger of the two does,did hear thunk like I made decent shot and waited about an hour before exiting nice and very tall tree stand Wifey and I built about 20 years ago and saw zero blood,flesh,not a thing on arrow but when I got home,took Rage tip off and clearly spotted deer hair on blades,guess I gave doe a belly-shave!!Decided to let Josh shoot bow at their indoor range and bow was shooting a tad to the right and not that low but Josh did suggest that I practice,practice,practice,something I really need to do.Today was another story,got to stand well ahead of legal shooting,sat tight with damn near gale-force winds and got down aroung 10:15,loaded field tip in crossbow fired and doggone string came loose,thought it was toast and Ronnie took maybe three minutes to fix bow.Worst part,besides seeing small puddle of trans fluid under ole Kubota,was after Wifey and grandson and I were just taking off from gate I use,spotted three does!!!Bet they winded me and may have smelled corn as I loaded up feeder with 8- lbs of corn just after climbing down from stand!!!Great news in that one of my buddies from St.Jane de Chantal may be joining our club,just lost his hunting spot,and he is more than willing to lend me a hand in getting Kubota home,should we need to detach rear chunk and install new basket after first trying to tighten bolts holding chunk in place!!With the busy Medicare Enrollment schedule Wifey and I have,gotta be strategic with stand time and have now seen deer on two of four hunts,though today's three does might NOT count!!!

Professional help is great. this is a good report. congrats to josh and ronie.
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