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Bid Alabama Boar

I shot this big boar on Friday night a half hour after we got to the camp. When walking to the stand, I noticed my motion sensor light was on in the field. He was in there eating so no way to get to the stand. I snuck as close as I could. He was down on the first shot, but kicking. Not wanting to chase a wounded boar throught the thick clear-cut, at night, I sent another one. He was done.

The video is not clear. I planned to focus the scope in the stand, forgot my glasses in the camp, and had no time to play with it on the ground. Once focused, the scope is perfectly clear.

The hogs wrecked all of our feeders last year so we resorted to hanging them where they can't knock them over. We hung this feeder last weekend and looking at the cam pics, this was his first and last trip to the field.
Good report and enjoyed the video.
Wow. Great hunter. That is one big boar.
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