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Still On The X

Date Hunted Saturday 11/20/21:

Real nice morning for a duck hunt. Temperature 52 degrees with a nice breeze out of the north east and the water levels remaining above average which is good for us for the property we are hunting now. The teal are still in the area and as soon as it starts to get light and someone in the area shoots the first shot the teal start to move. Ended up with a four-man limit for the hunt 18 teal - 4 greys - 1 pintail - 1 spoonbill.

Date Hunted Sunday 11/21/21:

Opened the door of the trailer at the camp to no wind at all and the stars shining bright. I told the guys if we can get a limit out of a day like today we are living right. Same start with teal buzzing around at daybreak and we were fortunate to make some good shots. Gnats came out to make it ruff on us and that lasted for about one hour then a breeze picked up. The gnats left and teal started again with some big ducks moving around. Shot a four-man limit for the hunt 21 teal - 2 pintail - 1 wood duck.

After some tough years in the duck game it's great to be back on them, as long as the water stays up like it has been we should be able to have success. Enjoying it while we have it.

Picture from Sunday.
Did way better than me. Nothing but 4 coots opening day but did spot a flock of teal.
Crossed Lake Borgne fishing, Saturday. There were THOUSANDS of birds rafted up out there. Probably mostly dos gris and canvasbacks....but, they were there.
Detla,Great reports,hope de ducks show up for de rest of us NOT on de 'X'!!Have not heard any decent reports locally,might have to chase de woodies in numerous sloughs and swamps!!Congrats on getting nice limits-hoping for decent migrations to finally occur!


P.S. Hope and pray dat de ring necks spotted in SE area were actually ring necks and NOT Scaup!!