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Hot Spot Cools Off

Date Hunted 11/24/21:

Bad conditions for a duck hunt today. No wind at all and blue bird skies. We got in before 6:00 am hoping the teal would be on the move again but today they seemed to stay put. There were times some nice bands of teal were zigging and zagging across the marsh but today we seem to be in the spot they did not want to fly. Often times they flew just out of range. We are noticing they are starting to gang where the pouldeau are and we can't compete with that.

Another issue was so few hunters out in the marsh today. I was surprised how few there were, that did not help the cause.

Planning on a Thanksgiving day drive in drive out hunt. Hopefully we have some wind tomorrow.

4 teal - 1 pintail for the day.
I was afraid of this. Come on midwestern blizzards.