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Goose - Duck Hunt Report

Date Hunted 12/28/21:

Four of us took the ride to SW Louisiana for a goose and duck hunt. It had been many years since we hired a guide to take us out on a hunt. We have been shooting some ducks this year but wanted to add geese to the equation.

It was warm in the morning with a 10 to 15 mph breeze from the south for the beginning of the hunt, partly cloudy skies. Water height was perfect, that is what you get when you have levees and pumped in controlled water.

When we got to where we were going to hunt our guide loaded up us and all our gear into a side by side with big mud tires. He took us through the flooded rice field to the sunk pit blind would be hunting in, real curb side service. The goose and duck decoys were already out in the pond so we jumped in the pit and the hunt began.

Early on we shot two teal, the duck action was slow. At about 7:00 am the geese started getting restless making the racket they usually do and some started to get off the roost heading out. Some came our way and the guide did all he could calling them and were able to shoot some. Up until 10:00 am we had 6 geese and 2 ducks. At 10:00 the wind picked up and the geese began to work us better. A group of 4 speckle bellies came right at us and we knocked them all down. Then we shot a high-flying snow goose.
We ended the hunt at 11:00am with 11 geese, 8 speckle bellies – 3 snows – 2 teal. Considering the status of waterfowl hunting in south Louisiana we had a good hunt and a great time.

The dog our guide had retrieved all the geese and ducks for us. He made a real nice retrieve on a crippled goose that would have gotten away if not for the dog.

For our hunt we used Cluckers Outfitters – Thornwell Louisiana – 337-842-4447
Delta,Sounds like a great trip and de Nuck and Futz Duo may make a needed change of pace and possibly head to Arkansas for a change of venue.As you so aptly pointed out,SE LA again suffering from yet another rough duck season and hard to make the early am wake-up calls to chase elusive ducks!Congrats on fine combo hunt,might be time for wood duck hunts!!