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Nuck and Futz with ReSpecktable Catch 5 11 22

Was planning on possibly hitting Big Bridge with three of us but got call yesterday dat one of de fishing Mafia had doggone doc appt and Nuck said he and I could jump aboard his Camo Cadillac!!Ya aint gotta twist my little finger and we met at Bayou Liberty,hit Lake and she was smooth as glass!!!Got to Trestles but doggone tide was falling hard and we stopped at our 100% fishing spot(NADA at first)went under Trestles and tried tossing soft plastics,had very few subtle bites with no hook-sets.Covered lotta water,saw a few live-bait tossers cashing in and finally hit paydirt with Nuck basically putting on a clinic and I finally stuck a few in box,we each lost a fine speck,he lost what we both initially thought was a dink speck,turned out to be thick speck at least 17-18 inches and mine grabbed a Jungle Jazz Shaker came immediately to surface and tail-walked and actually spit hook RIGHT under doggone net!!!Dat speck every bit of 3 plus lbs and he was not far below that!!!We dinked and dunked around dropped anchor at what NOW is our 100% spot and he boxed fine flattie that was a scene to behold as I had net ready and just as he lifted flounder it came into boat and I deftly got net right under fine flattie.Think we each boat-flipped specks,mine was shade over 13,his was a chunk,not always wise choice UNLESS they inhale lures.Believe he was tossing Lemonhead Matrix,I caught fish on Mackerel,Jungle Jazz,Limetreuse Shakers,all 3.75 in.Not bad trip,one of these days we AINT gonna lose big speck!!Taking grandson tomorrow,might hit Big Bridge.Today's trip was 8 fine specks and one doormat and our string is intact,100% of the time we hit a certain section we have caught fish,mostly beasts of flounders and specks up to and just a tad shy of 21 inches.Funny thing is I showed Nuck the tell-tale marks where we have measured specks and got lotta marks at 19 in,bunch at 20,some at 21!!!Hard to argue with dat success,ALL PLASTICS!!