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Paw Paw and Jr Hit Lake P 5 12 22

Been wanting to hit Big Bridge after Doc Weiss and I hit it this past Monday and winds looked to be decent,at least the forecast,and we launched outta Cane,went down scenic Cane hit the mouth and ole Lady P was a surly beast,no way we gonna make it to Big Bridge so we went E to redfish honey hole(No Boat Bayou)and when we arrived,told Jr I could see a boat way back in this particular bayou and we slowly trolled in,chunking Limetruese Shaker,3.75 and when we approached two gents in nice Nautic Star,I jokingly commented that I thought this was No Boat Bayou but today we must call it Two Boat Bayou and they laughed and said they only had a few bites no takers!!We stuck a small flounder in box and I felt that perhaps winds had laid down a tad and we slowly and methodically made our way and Lowrance Navionics Chart screen was nice,showing us exactly where the numerous turn-arounds were and we hit the 4-mile(from NShore)turnaround went a tad S and I started chunking Vampire Shaker,quickly switched to Limetreuse,perhaps the best lure and color for somewhat stained water and caught an under-sized speck.Told Jr that we,as soft plastics tossers,need to figure what the pattern of the day gonna be and I seemed to have kinda figured it out as EVERY fish caught by same side and same location of each particular set of pilings,our issue was that in my infinite wisdom,I yanked very hard on pull cord of ole trolling motor and broke the nylon bracket that houses the pin to lock or disengage trolling motor.No worries as something told me to have two standard screwdrivers aboard and all it took was a screwdriver on each side to unlock pin to raise trolling motor and reverse process to stow away trolling motor.Missed a few but stuck 3 nice and fat Causeway specks into box,along with my usual fat flattie and missed a few,one felt HUGE and could feel flounder teeth latch onto Shaker!!!Jr was a pro,netting a few fish,totally missed biggest speck(boat-flipped dat one,thankfully)and flounder was IMPALED onto Pro-S jighead,making boat-flip easy.We fished Big Bridge maybe all of two hours and had we nabbed a few more,mighta had 6 or so specks in addition plus a huge flounder or two!!They seem to love my weapon,Limetreuse Shaker,3.75 in.Have MS College School of Law graduation to attend tomorrow,crawfish boil and graduation party Sat and guess gonna tinker with ole MotorGuide trolling motor on Sunday-got bunch of fishing fanatics wanting to jump aboard and I can't wait to get em to either Big Bridge or Trestles!!

Woww, The fish looks so fresh cookie clicker