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Nuck,Futz,Molly Draw a Blank at de Trassles 5 16 22

Guess my gut instinct,especially with de dreaded 'W' component in today's wind forecast,shoulda prevailed over either addiction or stupidity when it comes to chasing fish at de bridges!!!We were greeted with nasty waves,nasty water,and shoulda realized today NOT de day for fishing de bridges as we saw very few folks even trying!!We did try Trestles,Hwy 11 bridge,and the canal alongside Hwy 11 and about had to jump in as crazy azz Molly wanted to tussle with a few of the bigger canines living in the homes out there.She is shade over 10 years old and still wild and crazy and she absolutely LOVES being on my boat!!Think my best bet,at least for tomorrow,is soaking some crab nets in Bayou Lacombe,might even try tossing some MirroDines at the mouth of Bayou Lacombe,might be bout time for nice specks and possibly some fine reds out there.Think it was bout two years ago,roughly this same time of year,that I snapped new Lew's Tournament baitcasting rod on beast of a red dat inhaled MirroDine lure and the folks at Amazon were very accomodating and rod may have gotten damaged in shipping as I have NEVER had a rod snap right about reel seat!!Hope we find some willing crabs and possibly a few specks tomorrow!!