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Paw Paw and Jr Hit Bayou Lacombe 5 21 22

Been promising grandson we would soak some crab nets in nearby Bayou Lacombe,did not want to fight crowds at Lake Rd launch,so we launched at Main St,only a few boaters had launched ahead of us and we only had maybe 8 fish carcasses to bait our nets with.Knew Lake P was gonna be a snarling,nasty beast,so we tucked into nice trenasse and set out our nets and only caught a few decent crabs,chatted with some folks in small flat and decided to take Jr to nice trenasse that we sometimes traverse in duck season and we nabbed a monster crab,easily 8-10 inches,point to point,and his claws were HUGE!!Only ended up catching 7 crabs,but plenty of meat came from these and Wifey cleaned the ones left over from a trip I made with Jr and his dad.Also,check out what I call 'hash' marks on fine Igloo chest.I typically measure every speck,even those obviously NOT needing measuring and you can readily see thick marks starting at the 18 in mark and spanning all the way to about 22 inches,clearly indicative of the shear size of the specks we have been nabbing,somewhat on a regular basis!!


P.S. Lunker City Shakers doin' de damage!!