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Got de Three Amigos together aboard Nuck's fine Camo Cadillac and we even decided to pick up some 'fishing insurance' too bad dem Trassels specks wanted NO part of live bait.Saw nice flock of gulls terrorizing the shrimp being chased by nice reds and nabbed two in simultaneous fashion and ran into de LA Fishing Produce Man and he was not quite sure who we were at that distance.Moseyed back to de Trassels where only a nice toss-back(self-release flounder),compliments of Nuck,tossing some color of Matrix Shad came close to us and just as de LA Fishing Produce Man was passing us,I latched onto brute of a red,36 inches,and full of fight,took me bout 20 minutes to subdue de beast!!!Picked up few small white trout in nearby Bayou Liberty plus huge snot shark and I missed very decent speck!!!Got way too busy a Medicare Consulting Schedule and we each came away with nice reds,did not take pick of one of our reds,my bad and de pic of me holding big red does him justice!!Hope to get out but won't be till possibly week after next!!