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Depth Finders

I am going to mount a depth finder on the front deck on my boat, what is the easiest/best way to do it? I have seen people route the transducer cable down the shaft of the trolling motor, mount it up towards the bow in the bottom of the boat and run it to the transom. It seems like the easiest would be to clamp it on the trolling motor but fishing Toledo Bend and other stumpy lakes as well as the gulf, it seems like it could get knocked off by stumps or oyster beds. Has anyone had any problems with this? I'd like that set up as it give you accurate water temps as well which you can't get with the transducer in the hull. As for mounting it in the hull towards the transom, I've heard of a putty like compound that you mix and stick to the bottom of the boat and set the transducer in that works well.... anyone familiar with this??
Come one of LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN had an opinion on the best way to mount a depth finder on the front deck of a boat???
Depth Finder Transducer Mount
Sorry, I read this and was pretty sure you'd get plenty of of help so I didn't respond. I've had the transducer on the trolling motor and I'll not do that again - stumps, grass, wire twist, etc and I've had the transducer on the transom. I've considered setting transducer with putty on the floor of the hull but didn't do it because I was afraid that 1)I wouldn't get it level and 2) air bubbles in the epoxy would foul up the reading. The combination of #1 and #2 would lessen the accuracy severly. Its simple and easy to mount it to the transom and you are resonably assured that you'll get accurate readings.
in or out of the hull
Are you saying mount it to the transom on the outer hull or to the inner hull floor near the transom?
Hey my boat came rigged with the transducer in the hull i found not that great of diff in the readings. from my old boat.if it is the temp ypu are looking for they do make just a temp reader that you can mount on your boat. i installed a brand new depth finder on my bass boat before i went to teldo bend the first time and i knocked the transducer off the hull the first run out. so in my opion mount the trans in the hull and the temp gauge outside the hull.
depth finder
i have the bow mount on the the trolling motor and have a hose clamp to it i never knocked it off and i hit everthing with it but if you can get to the bow under deck you can mount it there and forget about it .do not mount it on the back of the boat. mount it on the floor inside of the boat with a high grade exposy not super glue.if you mount on the outside you will knock it off and have leak in your fiberglass and that bad .
yours truly
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