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There was a LDWF meeting in Opelousas last week about the new rules on WMA's..
They (LDWF) are going to allow us to use our ATV's to retrieve our game. I guess deer and hogs..
The only WMA that they said it would not be allowed was Thistlethwaite...

That sounds good to me, but---(there is always a but in the bunch) what about someone trying to hunt in the area, and a bunch of guys come into the woods to help load the downed game on the bike...

There are a couple of spots at sherburne that I have scouted and know I could kill... I have never hunted there because of the distance to haul a deer out. Even with a cart, if I would kill at dark, I would not get back to the road before midnight....
This should cause some noise from hunters!!
What do yall think??
What time would it be allowed?
I hunted a club that we would never take our bikes into the woods except during a certain time slot. Even though some of the stands were well over a mile from camp and had great trails to access with an ATV, we would only walk in for hunting.

If you killed, bikes were allowed in only after 10:00 a.m.

Also, if you needed an ATV to move a stand, etc., it could only be done between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.

This limited the amount of bike travel through the property and I think it made a difference.

I can see the need to allow ATV's for game retrieval on public land, but I hope it is strictly regulated for only that purpose. You know there will always be someone that won't follow the rules and you'll end up with joy riders messing it up for those that want a peaceful hunt.
Just go to Grassy Lake WMA any day of the season. You will see yahoo's riding 4 wheelers all over the place through the woods and it is already all restricted. Wait till they have free reign of the place.
What in the world is LDWF thinking????? Don't get me wrong, if you kill a deer/hog deep in the woods, it may be nice knowing you can go and get your atv to retrieve your animal but it won't be nice for the next person that's still sitting in the stand. The main reason I bought a GPS was strictly for getting back deep in the woods where no one else goes. Last year, I killed three young hogs and according to my GPS, I was 1.37 miles from my ATV. It took me 3 1/2 hours to drag them out. But hey, that's the way it goes. Like someone said earlier, some people may not hunt particular places because they know it would take them two days to drag a deer out. There aren't enough game wardens/wildlife agents to monitor every square inch of a WMA; therefore you will have people in the woods on their atv's every minute of the day....all day. Without fail, every year on opening morning of deer season (at daylight), I can hear someone on an atv and I'm thinking "who wakes up late on opening morning?". We better get ready, now we'll see someone driving right under our tree.
Agree about Time
I could not imagine giving free access to people to retreive game anytime they want! 11 to 1 and after dark would be a compromise! Not 24 hours a day. What is stopping people from driving deep in the woods before daylight and hopeing someone in the group kills! To me this change is crazy and will only cause serious problems! Keep it like it is!!!!!! I only hunt as far as I am willing to drag a deer!
Well your secret hunting spot on WMA is not secret anymore, unless rules are enforced.This should only be for handicap or hunters 60 and over.To retrieve game one must have someone 60 or over with them.And only one bike, to retrieve game.Everyone else helping, must walk.The WMA I hunt on will have trouble.Other hunters don't respect you and they are walking, now they can ride 4 wheelers.Please Wildlife and fisheries make the fines very stiff.And don't give in.I can only see more trouble.The one that comes up with these rules must not hunt WMA's.
About Time
They are only 20 years behind Mississippi. I hunt Public land in Mississippi it works great there. If you kill a deer you can retreive it with your bike but you better not have your gun with you. The only way you usually disturb a hunter if he is hunting on the roads. I have probally retreived over 100 deer with bikes and have never disturbed anyone are had any arguments over it, all on public land. I usually hunt alone if it weren't for the bikes I probally couldn't get the deer out alone. My bike stays by my camp if i kill a deer i go back to camp get the bike and drag my deer out very simple...........Later
I don't hunt public land but on both the clubs I belong to we drive trucks and 4 wheelers all over the place at any time of night or day. It makes no difference to the deer - they already know you're there. And as far as riding past a stander it happens all the time. The deer pay no attention to it.
dumb idea. there will be yahoos riding all over the place in no time. There are too many inbred ignoramuses in La to try and do anything like this. Thankfully, I hunt the Maurepas WMA, and the only way you'll get a 4 wheeler in there is to bring it by boat.

4 wheelers on wma's will be just as bad or worse than the pwc's on the Tchefuncte.

If you can't drag it out, don't take the shot.
bad idea
This eliminates the benefit to hunter who are willing to go deep. now anyone can just drive their 4 wheeler all over the woods, disturbing other hunters, and won't have to work hard for a successful hunt. I'll stick to the NWRs, which still have a few rules. I predict that in a couple of years the LDWF will see what havoc the free rein to 4 wheelers has wrought, and will dump this rule.
Bad Idea, LDWF trying to get the deer kill up
Worse idea ever. Another way to get the deer kill numbers up despite a declining population. Yahoos will be running all over the woods, chasing wounded deer, tracking etc all in the guise of "retrieving" their animal. Plus it will put the yahoos way back were someone who is willing to pay their dues to trophy hunt. Really sucks.
Let the LDWF know !!!!!!!
Just a question--Thought??

10 people have posted negative ideas on the LDWF proposal [this is just a new proposal---now] to allow ATV to be used for bring a Deer out of the woods on WMA's.

How many of you went to the Public meeting or contacted the LDWF to let them know your feelings? They need to know how the hunter feel about this proposal.

I for one, went to one of the Public meeting and spoke against this proposal. Did YOU!!!!!!!!
4 wheelers in the woods
Very very bad idea and this will cause numerous problems and probaly a few fights. I sure hope no one gets shot over this. I bought a deer cart why can't everyone else do the same. Oh and by the way I have a handicap. I have had back surgery and I am going to need another surgery in the future. Whoever came up with this idea must be pretty stupid. The only people who need bikes in the woods are those who are truly handicapped.
Thanks to whoever did this.
This is the best thing to come along in a while.
I just spoke with Capt. Cormier with Dist. 6 in Opelousas. He told me that the ATV game retrieval rule will be in the up-coming regs... So that means that it is a done deal.. I asked him how it would work...

There will be NO time restrictions. After a DEER or HOG is killed, the hunter must return to his main transportation and save the weapon used and whatever else that was packed in.. (I did ask him could someone leave the stand and bring it out with the deer---the answer was NO!!)
Once that is done, then the hunter can return with 1 ATV and 1 helper -- ONLY to get the downed game.

That is the facts!!!! like it or not....
Looks like I'll be hunting Thistlethwaite more
Thats just the begining of the end GUYS. before long they will allow the dang tree huggers to sit next you in the tree.
CAN YOU imagine what the hecks going to happen when they do run a 4 wheeler up to hunter that has been walked on and frustrated from the butt heads running thru the woods.. OMG we'll be dragging human bodies out the woods. you watch and see!!!!! I think this is a STUPID DEAL!!!! WLF SUPERIOR RULINGS!!! I guess that HANDICAP trails don't exist anymore????? SIMPLE EXCUSE!!!!!Heck I shot it down here, guess it got up and ran off!!! DUMB AZZES
this last hunting season I got a ticket on a La wma for breaking a couple of small saplings and a few small branches on some low brush to get a clear bow shot, enforcement wrote me up. now you can drive an atv into the woods, will they write you up for breaking trees and brush???????. maybe I can get my money back. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Write to LDWF
Gerald, you are so correct, we should have responded back then.

But I'm doing it right now anyway. Anyone else?

LDWF Public Comments
2000 Quail Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Express your feelings..make a difference
Here is the address given along with the notice of intent for the proposed new hunting regulations.

People may also submit written comments about the proposed notice of intents until the end of April to:

David Moreland, Wildlife Division
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
P.O. Box 98000
Baton Rouge, LA 70898.

Sorry.....I could not find any where to send comments by email. The phone number for the Baton Rouge office is (225) 765-2800
Grow up
Grow up and pay attention to the details. I have read every comment and some of you are either idiots or failed reading comprehension. It states that you can only go to the killed deer with yourself and one helper to load the game and leave, not drive all over the woods, also for those who still like to hunt deep in the woods by all means go there and now when you kill a huge buck you only have a long walk back to the truck instead of a dreadful drag. I had a dear friend pass away from heat exhaustion dragging a deer out of a WMA during bow season, so guess what he was over a mile from his truck and an atv would have kept him alive. So before you start saying things like driving atv's all over the woods, and driving up on someone who is still hunting, please read, comprehend, listen and understand that it is only if you '""""KILL""""" a deer.
Greedy Hunters
I have never seen so many greedy hunters as they have on this site. Louisiana is finally trying to do something right and you are all on here crying like usual. It works great in the Homochitto WMA's for the last 20 years I been hunting there. If I kill a deer I am probally out the woods in less than 15 to 20 minutes compared to dragging for a few hours making more noise. You go get your deer and you are out the woods in no time. Guess thats why I never hunt Louisiana WMA's. When you get my age dragging gets tough and I want to hunt until I can't walk anymore. And thats bringing over 100 deer out with no problems are disturbing anyone. Lets finally take a step forward, they are passed due on shooting spikes in this state. They had 2 guys show up for the meeting in Metarie a friend of mine and someone else.
I also hunt WMA in La. but its all swamp all dragging. I can make my comments on here the way I see them just like you. It also sounds like they will be running hounds in the WMA's next year, Maupaus. Maybe they will have the sounds of hounds running under your stand to.
not a big deal--stats for red/3 rivers wma were appx 600 deer all season--so that means only 600 trips--and more than half on the 3day weekend--not bad on 65000 acres--now enforcement is another issue--if you think the atvs are bad come to katsathie with both atvs and dogs,then complain
Okay so you hunt it the swamp, and I have absolutely no problem if they want to run the hounds under my stand. You guys on this site miss the entire point of outdoors and hunting, it is about enjoying life, being OUTDOORS and HUNTING. Loosen up and live life to the fullest. If someone wants to partake in their lawful gifts of this wonderful nation and run dogs then so be it, in the same sense that I choose not to run dogs and still hunt and bowhunt. But I bet everyone on this site would be in an outrage if the dog hunters banned together and tried to outlaw bowhunting, or still hunting. I look at it like this, I don't squirrel hunt, quail hunt, or duck hunt but you don't see me lobbying to have these three seasons outlawed or banned. I love the OUTDOORS and being in the woods and watching all of the animals and if that happens to be a dog running by then so be it. I just don't understand why people can't mind their own business and live life and not worry about everyone else. An old saying goes can't we all just get along, we all have in common a wonderful country and state with liberal game laws, so why not just go outside and enjoy.
point missed
its the trespassing and distrubing hundreds of acres of woods with dogs not the hunting--
Not good
Even though we are required to wear hunter orange during big game season, I predict that someonw will get shot while riding an ATV in the woods. Years ago, I knew a guy riding an ATV in the woods on a very windy day and from a distance, another hunter supposedly caught a glimpse of something black (tire) and took a shot. The bullet hit him in the ankle. Although there are many "unknowns" in hunting, I refuse to believe that someone riding an ATV in the woods isn't hurting your chances of success. I do not claim to be a trophy hunter; but I do know that if you start riding an ATV in a mature bucks bedroom....he's gone!!! Imagine this: You're sitting in your stand and someone riding an ATV passes near your tree. You presume he is going to retrieve his downed animal. A few minutes later, he passes under your tree with no deer/hog? What will you do? Will you wave and wish him good luck or will you climb down and beat him with a branch for ruining your hunt? While we're at it, maybe LDWF should eliminate the ATV size and tire restriction too.
I agree with you about the scaring of game. In an area that has not had a noise like that before will hurt kill chances.. One of the places that I hunt in Melville, uses bikes and small trucks to go to stands and get downed game.. I have been in stand with deer coming my way and here
comes a bike.. As long as the bike keeps going the deer don't get spooked.. Within a short while the deer(does) keep going the direction they were headed in.. I don't know what a good buck would do.. The only time I shot bucks that were good enough to mount was during the week when none of the other hunters were there.. While I was there on the weekend and they would hear about my kill they would ask me where did I kill it.. After I tell them the stand I was in, they say "I hunt that stand all the time and never see anything good" cause you ride the bike to the tree that the stand is in.. I hear all the stories of the guys that killed the biggest deer while taking a crap, or smoking while on stand,,,THE FACT IS--- that great deer was probably pushed on them from some idiot going through the woods on a bike HA!!
It will be something to see this year..
I've been in sherburne for the past 4 weeks scouting and hunting turkeys. To get to my favorite spot I'm having to walk 2.2miles one way. While walking out I'm looking around and just thinking how f-uped these woods will look my next turkey season...
my spot is screwed
great, now there will be people all over my spot. it was nice while it lasted.
sad situation
having hunted red/three rives wma many yrs.This has been going on for many yrs even though it was not legal to do it--this is not something that has never happened--every deer we killed in those yrs were gotten by atv if not close enough to drag out--bunch of cry babies--like i said have the same situation with dog hunting included and then bit-h--hunt katsatchie during dog season with atvs running up and down the woods and try and still hunt or bow hunt --
true story !
...ain't going to be a name dropper...but someone must have heard about the club right outside of Greensburg,La...where the 8 pt buck...put his head down and "ATTACKED" a 4 wheeler...that buck never ran off !...but the hunter did !!!...cheers