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Attakapas WMA Scouting trip

My dad, Raymond, and I scouted Attakapas WMA Sunday afternoon and made a short hog hunt before dark. Today I went back and walked for a little over five hours----straight. So now as I catch my breath and rest my legs here is what I found.

The deer season ended last Tuesday, but you could not tell that by the amount of tracks we found. If I took you out there right now, you would think that the season was getting ready to begin. There are literally thousands and thousands of deer and hog tracks over there. I was shocked to be honest. I am talking about mostly FRESH tracks and sign.

Some places had more sign than others. Some had more deer tracks than hog tracks, some had more hog tracks than deer tracks, but EVERY SINGLE spot I visited had lots and lots of tracks. I went from the south end to the north end, parked my boat in many different locations and it was the same everywhere, tracks, tracks and more tracks.

On the Sunday afternoon hunt Dad saw his first bobcat in fifteen years. It passed twenty yards from his climber.

I jumped numerous deer today while scouting. I saw four, but heard many more crashing through the woods and water at different locations. The hog sign is really incredible at some areas.

If you look at the photo with this report, about 100 yards past the two trees in the middle, just seconds before the photo was snapped, a bunch of deer had just splashed off into the distance.

I did not see the first few, but I did clearly see the last four, three nice sized and one yearling. The ridge in the foreground was covered in hog sign and deer tracks.

I have read all the reports about people running dogs illegally there and all the othe outlawing that is going on, but despite these things, the deer and hog population seems to be thriving.

This last week of the hog season is probably going to be tough because despite the sign and tracks, I would tend to think most of the hog activity is nocturnal due to the pressues of the deer season, that just ended. But look out in October----we will definitely be BACK!!!!

Ricky....the river at Butte La Rose has dropped about 5 feet from the crest a couple of weeks ago. How high was the water and was a lot or most of Attakapas under water just a couple of weeks ago. Are there enough ridges there to keep the Deer and Hog from having to leave the area when the river comes up?

I should have gone there some when I lived in Lafayette.
DO they have any good duck hunting there or any good duck numbers in the area .
Gerald as far as I can tell water was not a factor at Attakapas. The banks along the river are for the most part, extremely high. The water that is there, is rain water that runs down from the many sloping hills and ridges. Even that is mostly receding. I did not find any water over 12 inches deep.

Gerald I'm telling you I was really impressed at the the tremendous amount of sign we found. Of course Dad is pumped and ready for bowseason already.

Hopefully you can come make a trip with us next season. The Atchafalaya Delta/Attakapas combo---sounds like a winner to me!
Ricky, I hunted the Attakapas this year and it was a blast. Things didn't seem to get cranked up until later in the season, but ince it did things got exciting. We spoke to a wildlife agent during the last two weeks of the bow season and was told that 170 deer had been recorded as being harvested on the Attakapas up to that point. I'm sure the the true numbers are higheer due to some folks not recording there kills and bow kills after that point. This wasn't including hog harvest. I've also heard some people say we wont have any deer next year due to so many deer being killed during the black powder season during the high water, but as you have seen there is no shortage of deer and hogs out there...Good luck with the hogs....Scott
Don't get too excited Ricky. When the river falls and the deer spread back out into the bottoms, it will not look as impressive as it does now. It's tough when the water is low! Did ya'll score on any Hogs?
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