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Manchac Bass report

Bass fishing at manchac has been productive the past few weeks at manchac. A lot of small ones, but even the little ones have been putting up an impressive fight, so it's still a lot of fun. A few 2-2.5 pounders mixed in here and there. Biggest I've caught so far was probably a little over 3 pounds. (Picture below) .. The larger fish seem to feed in the afternoons.

Fish the main canal that runs along the interestate. The smaller bass are holding close to the banks in the mornings. Especially around the edges of "floating grass?". The bass are much more aggressive in the mornings than in the evenings, and get more aggressive as the temperture rises. With a clear sunny sky, expect to get a lot of bites as soon as your lure hits the water. The males will charge a lure from several feet away with intentions to kill! Give your lure a twitch or two, and let it sit for a second before reeling. I've gotten most of my strikes that way.

In the afternoons, the bites are not as often, but usually better size fish. And the bites are much different than in the morning. Bring a sensitive light-medium action rod because you will barely feel a bump, and thats if you're lucky. Most times all you will get is a slight tap, and then a little extra weight, like having grass on your line. They're just sucking the lure in, and swimming off slowly with it, so if you feel the slightest tap, stop and watch your line.
Just my personal advice, but don't even waste your time pulling grass off of crankbaits and spinner baits.
SOFT, WEIGHTLESS PLASTICS!! Twitch, twitch, stop. They are hitting it on the fall.
No, We didn't keep these fish to eat. They were released into my front yard pond.
Shane ?...a lot of places differ !!...sometimes they got moods like a woman...anyway...weightless,weedless worm cast across a row of lily pads ! rod tip and elbows high !...keep worm on top crossing pads...then let drop when you reach the ledge of pads ? that where most of your strikes are happening ?...correct me !
Yes, just about every place is different. My post was specifically about the manchac area though. Or atleast the area in manchac that I've been fishing the past few weeks. I've been going just about every other day since it's only a 10 minute ride from my house.
I haven't tried a weightless worm, especially since the winds have been pretty strong, and a worm doesn't weigh enough to get a good cast, or have enough weight to keep the line tight enough to feel the bite. Try heavier plastics, like sinko's, or any heavier, thick soft plastic that gives off a lot of action with a few light jerks of the rod tip. I've hung them around lillies, but they almost always make a run back into the lillies and get hung up. I dont know what those grass mats are called. Maybe "duck weed"? Drop your lure as close to the edge of the "patch" as possible. Give it a slight twitch or two, and let it fall.
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