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homer h. guide for red river

has anybody fished with this guide at red river .
well i did and tell you what never again he has a really sorry attitue .he screamed at me and cursed me out when it didn't go his way are it just me i.t cost me 300.00 dollars to fish with azz clown never again .he has no respect for his customers .
thats my opion .
your truly southern runner.
has any body had the same experence with him.
I think what you were trying to say is that you are not pleased with the service he provided you eh?Were you drunk when you tried to type this or just in a hurry.Looks something like klingon.
drunken posting is a no-no. lmao.
Maybe Mr. Humphries thought you should have stayed and finished at least the 5th grade. Are you sure he cussed at you? Or was he trying to explain things like your 5th grade English teacher did, and you just took offence to it and quit!

I doubt very strongly that you will get another negative comment about BASS pro, Homer Humphries. He does his best with his customers and out of every 100 or so, there's a RED HEAD that he wished he had cancelled before the trip!

And MOJO, don't insult the great Klingon race! They are a very proud and educationaly structured race that excells in all fields of life! Had Worf fishing last year before the Bungle and he was a hoot to fish with.
BTW: Do you have a map of the Phaazon Galaxy? LMAO2
Man I have been 14 beers or better into the ice chest and at least you could read it!! LMAO!!

BTW .... Capt. JLT, just because it means so much to you.......... SPELLCHECK YOUR POST!!!!!! LMAO!!! Sorry, I had to stir the pot.
Why did you pay him if the "encounter" was that bad?
In Louisiana, if you did not sign a contract you could have simply told him you were not going to pay him and left.
If you had sent in a deposit, dont think you would have gotten it back tho.
Be prepared for a little angry words for not paying and maybe even have the sheriff's number in your speed dial on the cell. It must be in writing in Louisiana and signed by both parties to be legit.
Sadly , the old "hand shake" days we all used to enjoy is over.
On the other hand, maybe you were lucky he didnt kick you overboard by the second stop . !!!!!!!!!!!