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Reds, Heads, and Drum on the menu

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Reds, Heads, and Drum, that was what was on the menu yesterday. Tuesday I took Joseph Williams and David Pennington on a Goat herding trip to Breton Sound. With the Trout bite so fickle, and the gnat bite on so strong in the marsh we took advantage of the low winds and made our way out into Breton Sound for a meat haul with some big hard fighting fish. The guys filled up the fish box with limits of big Reds, and a load of Drum, and Goatheads along with lots of Channel Mullets. All fish were caught with dead shrimp on the bottom. The guys keep me busy all day long retying hooks and leaders. These big fish are right up under the rigs, and do not like to come out with out a fight. We had 2 fish come up with some one else’s hooks and leaders hanging out of their mouths. I had a great time as usual with these guys as they are non stop fun to be around, and I look forward to their next trip.

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