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New Air Rest

What do ya'll think about this new magnetic air rest? It works off of magnetic repulsion via an insert at the front of the arrow. No contact AT ALL (except during draw-back). Anyone used it before? Pros, Cons? Thinkin' about picking one up.
stainless steel ???
That looks good....but how would it work with stainless steel broad heads. The 304 ss is a little magnetic but 316 ss or higher grade is not magnetic.

What metal are most broad heads made of?
air rest
It looks like a good idea. I've read reveiws though and it does not do well. They say that the magnet is not very large that you install so that you have to alway have to draw back exactly the same every time otherwise it won't work properly. That is not very practical in a hunting rest because you never know what position you will be drawing from and it would become a liability in many situations. I shoot a Trophy Taker drop away rest and couldn't be happier. They don't have any contact with the arrow either once you release and you don't have the issues with the magnet.
Yeah but I read in the new BH Magazine that they came out with a longer insert to compensate for discrepancies in the draw length.
Try it out
Well, I guess it's worth a try if your interested in it. Let us know how it works for you. It would be cool if it does. Now is the time of the year to try out new stuff. Any excuse to shoot my bow I always say. Speaking of which. I think I need have my string changed.......
Air Rest
The only thing I've heard is of the additional shaft weight and let down issues. Alignment has to be just right for pick-up (no buck fever). Most all drop-aways allow full capture with no clearance problems.
Check out Drop Zone, Trophy Taker, Limb Driver, Whammy or any others already mentioned.
If you do get it, let us know what ya think.
Here Kitty , Kitty !
What's a goat's cash worth , I'd like to see a video of the goat getting mauled by the cat , maybe start a collection or get a donation for or of a goat , rebait and then video the kill , I definitely wouldn't want to go to that spot at night now that he got a goat there , bet he will be back --------- I am surprized there isn't a post about the goat being used as bait , yet !
Where's that post
Why does it post replies on a different thread sometimes , that was my cat post which would up here-----any way , that is a cool looking arrow rest