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That’s right. 200 pounds. James, Stefan, Kasey, Cristian, Jim, and Brian all got a piece of this one. Well, several pieces to be exact. But despite several hand-offs, the fight time was still just at an hour and a half, which isn’t bad at all for a fish this size. This is the second 200 pounder to hit the deck on the KRAKEN. What a brute. Now we’ve got nothing at all to complain about, but guess what was in this guy’s stomach? Nothing- not even the bait we caught him on. So while we were all pretty pumped, I sure wouldn’t have minded having a 5 gallon bucket of chum stuck in his belly. But I’ll forego that bucket to catch this size fish without another boat in sight. I guess I’m going to have to ditch my line about not catching big tunas in the spring.

Capt. Brett
Trident Charters
Congrats Capt. Brett & Crew on an outstanding catch.

The photo is great...looks like a cover to me, eh Todd??