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Lake Pontchartrain

Took thursday off to make a split day of it. Went to Bayou Bienvenue in the morning to try to get on some big intercoastal trout. Rounded up excellent pogies, but just couldn't find the fish, one 3 pounder. Hit all my honey holes and there just weren't any fish there. Been a very off year in the intercoastal as I usually smash them almost every time, but not consistent this year. Threw in the towel about 8.45 and headed towards the chef to go save the morning. Cruised a bunch of ponds I know looking for some good water and finally found it. Got on the Redfish and made quick work of them. One 28", one 26" and the rest for two guys we're between 20" and 23". Got home a little after noon and plugged the boat back in, took care of a little work and caught an hour and a half of sleep. At 6 P.M. headed out to Lake P. for an evening trip. South wind keeps it calm on southshore. At dark made bait and got on the fish right away. I was swimming croakers just off the bottom and they wanted them bad, but never lost so many fish in my life. I would hook up with some solid fish, then it would tear out there mouths. I lost at least forty fish. My partner would let his bait (shrimp) sit more on the bottom, he wouldn't hardly lose a fish and throat hook every one, but I caught 4 to his every one and my fish we're generally much bigger. Bounced around a couple spots to see if any good trout we're on, but overall smaller trout. Had about 15 between 2 and 2 1/2 lbs and one 3 lbr and the rest we're 12" to 15" fish. We finished really quick and my buddy wanted to fish some more, so I made the run down to seabrook and located some whites on the finder in one of the deep holes on the outer edges. We managed to put forty nice whites in the boat pretty quick and left them biting. Awesome nite in the lake. 50 specks, 40 whites.
I never catch big trout at night, but I definitely catch alot. I can go fish these same places between 4 and 6 in the morning and almost always catch 3 to 6 trout over 4 up to 7 lbs, but they aren't there in the evening or early night. Been like that for years.
Big jim,now that's a mighty fine mess of trout there my friend.How were the waves out there?
Going out this evening.Stopping at Fisherman's Friend Bait Shop back of Gulf Outlet Marina on Paris Rd. by the yellow flashing light,and get me so big live shrimp and crockers..
Been catching a few at Bulk Plant in the evening.
Went two weeks ago and caught 30 trout from 11/2 to 3 lbs,
and 6 reds from 18 to 27 inches.Fishing till dark or little later.I'll let you know what I catch.
good luck fishing
Bulk plant
Tried bulk plant yesterday morning and caught one 3 lber, hope the evening bite is better for you. Let me know.
Waves weren't bad at all as we had a south wind. First spot was about 1.5 miles out and had a 1 ft chop. After that wind started laying down and next two spots we're closer in so waves weren't a problem. However once wind died and I moved closer in did have a few skeeters, but not bad. I have to dish on a southerly wind as I use a small boat, but it's usually too dirty and tore up on a northwind.
Phone number or business hours?
Does anyone have a phone number or business hours for Fisherman's Friend Baitshop?
Went Friday evening ,got my bait from Fisherman's Friend Bait Shop.(318-442-9734)off Paris Rd.
Started fishing at Boh Bros along the rocks picked up 2 13" trout moved to the Bulk Plant pick up about 12 - 15 more trout and 2 18" reds.Buy now its 8:00pm Then we went to Sea Brook and caught more trout and 2 more reds.Stoped fishing at around 1:00am. We finish the night out with 38 trout from 12" to 20" and 4 reds 18" to 30"