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OH MY!!! Fishing in Venice is RED HOT. As I said in my report yesterday, I planned on taking my youngest brother out fishing today as a reward for all the work he has been doing. Also tagging along was Lydia the Trout Assassin. Lydia works at the marina and probly has waited on you before if you've been down here.

The wind was a little stiff and out of the wrong direction for where I have been fishing. Took off and went a totally different direction and fished on of my favorite rigs. I havent fished it this year yet so I was anxious to test it out. Pulled up and dropped the anchor right in the "crack". Thats when Lydia informed me that we should be closer to the rig! How many times have you EVER fished here? Well about that time her pole was bent in two and the arguement was over! HAHA

For the next 2 hours it was a fish EVERY cast. Even the old Capitano got in on the action. Out of all the limits I have reported lately, I have probably caught about 10 fish over the past 2 weeks. I like to allow my customers to catch their own fish.

A couple of times I just sat back and watched as Lydia and Jon were in a free for all in the bottom of the boat trying to get the fish unhooked and baits back in the water. At 8:30 we ahd our 75 trout and went to look for some reds. Yep you guessed it, MORE TROUT! Caught two reds and began throwing back 3 pound trout!

We are loaded up with fish down here in the Delta right now. Oh wait....we are ALWAYS loaded up with fish down here! Come fish the Mississippi river delta, where you will have a REEL SHOT at the fishing trip of a lifetime.


BTW, Jeff and I always make it a point to take care of those who take care of us. At one point or another we have taken many of the workers at Venice Marina fishing. Show them a little appreciation and I promise they will be much happier to see you next time.

Great job, Lydia....Glad to see Capt. Brandon get you out from behind the desk at the marina. I am sure you enjoyed putting a whipping on those specks once you got warmed up.

At least they didn't pull the rod out of your hands :)