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Infared Scouting Camera

I have a moultrie infared scouting camera. The flash is a bunch of small red lights that light up at night.

1st question - Do all of the other infared scounting have the red lights that are visible to the human eye?

2nd question - Can the deer see the red lights.

I am asking, because I have some pictures that were taken by the camera and it appears that the deer are looking at the camera.

All of the information that I have seen says that deer can not see the flash. I am just thinking that if the deer are looking at the camera and the lights light up that they notice the change. Doesn't that defeat the whole point of the infared flash?
If the deer are looking right at the camera when it takes their picture, then the camera is making a subtle noise right before the flash. If the flash was the object of curiosity, the deer would not have time to turn right into the camera. That is always something you should look for when folks post their pics on here. It will always give you a good indication of the cameras that operate quietly and thoise that operate with some amount of noticable noise. The noise is usually just the shutter, and because the cameras generally have a slower shutter speed to catch enough light in the lens, it gives the deer just enough time to turn towards the noise prior to the shot. Hope this makes sense.
I am not to sure about Moultre's IR camera. I also noticed that the picture quality isn't that great. I have some of there regular cameras to look at feeders and the quality is fair. I have to say that the deer is seeing something since its a night picture. I would email the pictures to Moutre' and see what they say about the quality more that if the deer see the camera. Good luck and keep us informed on what happens.