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louisiana supports its troops

Hello, for those of you who donít already know this year Louisiana cancelled the Active and Guard/ reserve military rate for hunting and fishing licenses. For the last few years active duty resident soldiers were able to get their state license at a 5.00 rate. Last year the state also gave guard and reserve soldiers a 50.00 rate. This year all service members will again pay the same as any other resident. I am sorry but, I feel this is an outrage. Some of you may not agree with me and thatís ok but, I bet all of you know at least one person who has served at some point or another or maybe even someone who is serving overseas now. As veterans we are currently fighting to increase our service benefits and even fighting with the federal government to keep the ones we have but, the state... hell even most department stores give service men and women discounts now days. I didnít know the state wildlife management program was in such bad shape that they would be forced to take this away. Next time you have an opportunity to let someone know how your state shows its appreciation do so, I know I will. This in know way is a reflection of the people of this state because I have witnessed time and again the generosity of Louisiana men and women. I think that just makes it all the more disappointing. Thank you for listening and the opportunity to serve. SSG Carlos N. Davila
I agree
Carlosd, I agree totally. I am in the Navy stationed in Meridian, and I fish in Louisiana all the time. I am originally from LA, so when I found out that I had to pay out of state residence license to fish, and that there was no military discount, I was shocked. I am not one to look for hand outs but I believe out of all the things that the state could do for the military, a lesser price license is one of them that had been appreciated.
Who is responsible?
Thanks for pointing this out. What body is responsible for this; the LDWF commission or the legislature? Maybe we ought to the let them know how we feel about this. Good luck SSG.
I just copied the following off the LDWF website.

Any person who possesses a military identification card that signifies that he is currently on active military duty with any one of the armed forces of the United States, including the National Guard, or the spouse or dependent of such person, may purchase a license for hunting or recreational fishing in Louisiana for the same fee as that required of Louisiana residents for that same license. These licenses are available at license vendor locations. ACT 306 of 2007 Regular Legislative Session provides for a credit against individual income tax liability paid by military for obtaining a Louisiana noncommercial hunting or fishing license for themselves or their spouses and dependents.

Licensee must present a Military Identification Card at the time of purchase AND have military ID or dependent card, and appropriate license(s) in his possession at all times when engaging in hunting or fishing activities.

Active Military licenses are valid only during that time when the licensee is on active duty in the armed forces of the United States.

Resident Non-Active Louisiana National Guard members may purchase a license for $50.00 to fish and hunt in Louisiana by submitting a completed Resident Non-Active Louisiana National Guard Hunt/Fish license application along with the fee and a copy of their Louisiana Driver's License, Military Identification Card and original letter from their commanding officer verifying that they are in "good standing" with the LA. National Guard. These licenses are available through our Baton Rouge office only.

This license is in lieu of basic and saltwater fishing, basic hunting, big game, bow, muzzleloader, LA duck, turkey stamp, and WMA hunting permit.

I do agree that they should have left it alone but at least they are giving the tax credit. It's more complicated and all but could have been worse I guess.