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Serious Poaching Fines


Finally, some tough sentences for poaching. Thanks to Judge Yeager, Asst. DA Shannon and all the LDWF Agents that worked on this case.


Release Date: 10/02/2007

John N. Miller, 35, of Flatwoods, and Robert R. Bordelon, 28, of Boyce, both pled guilty on Sept. 7, 2007, in 9th Judicial District Court to several hunting violations. Judge Thomas M. Yeager accepted the guilty pleas, fined both men, sentenced each to jail and revoked their hunting privileges for five years.

Miller and Bordelon both pled guilty to hunting from a moving vehicle, two counts each of hunting deer at night, hunting deer during a closed season and possession of illegal game.

Yeager ordered Miller to pay $3,656 in fines and court costs, pay $500 to Operation Game Thief and sentenced him to 90 days in prison with 60 of those days suspended. Yeager ordered Bordelon to pay $3,256 in fines and court costs, pay $400 to Operation Game Thief and sentenced him to 90 days in prison with 80 of those days suspended.

Yeager also ordered Miller and Bordelon each to pay $1,573.62 in restitution to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) for the deer they killed illegally. Judge Yeager placed both men on supervised probation for two years and ordered them to pay a $55 per month supervision fee. Yeager then ordered the 12-gauge shotgun used by Miller and Bordelon to be forfeited to LDWF.

The guilty pleas stem from an investigation by LDWF Enforcement Division agents, which began on June 22, 2007. According to statements from witnesses and those involved, the violations were the result of Carlos A. Pickering, 38, of Boyce, allegedly asking Miller to get him some deer on June 21, 2007. Miller then killed one deer while driving along on Hwy. 8 around 10 p.m. Miller later got with Bordelon and they killed two more deer in Kisatchie National Forest near Flatwoods between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Miller and Bordelon then took the three deer and dropped them off in the Pickering's yard. When the Pickering's awoke and found the deer, two of the deer had already spoiled. The two spoiled deer were hauled off and the other deer was cleaned and divided among relatives. Pickering is currently awaiting trial on three counts of possession of illegally taken deer in this case.

Rapides Parish Assistant District Attorney Michael W. Shannon prosecuted the case against Miller and Bordelon. Lt. Eric Stokes, Sgt. Travis Burnett, Sgt. Rusty Perry, Senior Agent Douglas Anderson, Senior Agent Byron Cammack and Senior Agent Spencer Cole participated in the case.

bout time Stokes used to be the warden in our area did some good
I can ALMOST understand killing a deer out of season if your poor and hungry... BUT to lay it out to spoil!?!?!?!The judge should have also made em work in the National forest cutting grass with a cane knife on the weekends while the other ethical hunters get to play!!
Greatttttt.....if we have more sentences like this, plus the heavy fines, I think that would eliminate most of the poachers in the state. If a person knows they are going to jail, plus the lost of hunting priviledges for several years, that will open some eyes and the word will definitely get out. It's just not worth it, to poach anything......hats off to the judge, DA, and all the wildlife officers that made this happen......
Did anything ever happen to the guy from crowley that shot like 11 limits of teal?
...don't forget how to dial "OPERATION GAME THIEF" it's a free call 1-800-442-2511...cheers
Miller and Bordelon

FYI....this will cost Miller a little over $ 7000 and the 30 days in jail may cause him to loose his job.

Bordelon....cost him ~ $ 6500 and 10 days in jail...

Mudbugg, 'Almost understand killing a deer out of season if poor and hungry'. This year is 2016 not 1600. We have social programs to provide food and funds for these individuals. The reasons for game laws are very wide ranging, much more encompassing than a worthless excuse of being 'hungry' and 'poor'. If they are hungry and poor GET OUT OF THE WOODS! They want to poach deer, pork can be purchased for like $1.50/pound. Want to poach fish, certain fish are astoundingly cheap with the PLETHORA of fish markets in the state of Louisiana. Country bumpkins. Deer season is almost 5 months long, If they can't kill their 6 deer in 5 months they are too bad at hunting to survive off wild game anyway so just give up that idea and get a 9-5.
It's not about food for these people. It's about showing their arse. Usually they brag and incriminate themselves.